Ever asked the question what is “all I need to know about Sonos?”

I often hear people say “what do I need to know to get started?” In a nutshell, a Sonos Music System is an easy setup wireless ‘true’ HiFi music system that will find music on your network and across the internet and play it throughout your home in multiple rooms or just one. Five stars awarded by What HiFi three years in a row. Quality product and amazing convenience.

Sonos is quite a new concept in HiFi music, instead of purchasing CDs which take up space, collect dust, look messy and are hard to find – now you have music at your fingertips from a receiver (Sonos ZonePlayer), whenever you choose and you can save your favourites on the simple to use app which works on iPhone, iPad, PC, Laptop, MAC or Andriod phone or Tablet.

Sonos has a very wide selection of radio stations, some of which are totally dedicated to a particular genre such as Ska, you select this station and they will play Ska music all day….and all night if you wish, you just think of the genre, search through a variety of stations, select the station that appeals to you, and off you go. There are many more stations on the Sonos than you will ever find on a standard radio or cable supplier.

But that’s not all it does, you can search for a particular track, album or artist with the quick-search bar, just select whether its an album, artist or track you want, begin typing the name in the search bar and it will make suggestions as you type when you see what you want, select and add it to a play-list or play it now.

But that still is not all it does…. you can have a speaker in every room in your house…. wirelessly! And they can all link or play separately.

You can control what goes on in each room from either your PC, or a dedicated handset, tablet device i.e. iPad, or a mobile phone that supports the Sonos controller.

Sonos has two sizes in receivers, the larger one, “Play 5” is ideal for larger spaces, the sound quality is extremely good, and is ideal as your main speaker, remember, you can add as many speakers as you like, one for every room in the house if you wish, there is a range of speakers especially for this purpose. The smaller receiver is the “play3”, again, this has a very rich sound and is perfect for the smaller property such as a flat or small room like sometimes a kitchen can be.

In some cases, when the Sonos is needed a fair distance from the router, then a bridge may be required, this connects directly to your router via an Ethernet cable and your receiver will pick up the signal from the bridge, this enables you a lot more freedom around your home, garden or garage. Each subsequent Sonos ZonePlayer not only plays music but also acts as a Sonos Mess wireless bridge or booster.


Jeff and his wife live in a small apartment and have no digital music so they would sign up to the £5 per month Napster service, or £10 Spotify, to access the 13million or so tracks – instantly. The Play3 would suit this couple in their small home, they put the Play3 in the lounge close to the router,  this can be heard well in the kitchen, however, they also wanted to add another speaker (Play3) to the bedroom for the cosy evenings they share, they can take the dedicated handset with them and select their music from the comfort of their bed, no need to get out of bed and find slippers and slip off to another room to change a cd, it’s all there in their hands.


John and his wife live in a three-bedroom house with two teenage sons, they have some music on iTunes, and a few hundred CDs.

The play 5 is perfect for this household, again they place the Play5 in the living room as the main speaker and connect to the router with a cable (or Sonos Bridge if too far away), but this cannot be heard so well from the kitchen, a speaker can be added in the kitchen and all three bedrooms, each room can listen to a different genre at a different volume, not all of the speakers need to be playing, one of the teenage boys is studying for exams, he can turn down or turn off the speaker in his room.

The older teen wants to play rock music through the night, disturbing everyone else? Mum can turn off his speaker from the handset or the PC, too bad, he will have to wait for daylight…

So you see the music and the home become one. You find music can change the whole atmosphere of the home and is extremely easy, flexible and controllable. You really can rediscover music again. Some people say they can not believe how they have missed music and now they can access music they don’t own, legally and easily – rediscovering music from their own era.

Of course it goes without saying that if you buy from us or any other reputable Sonos Authorised Dealer then you will get help should you run into trouble, the difference with Unlimited Audio is we probably go that little bit further to make sure you don’t have any stress and enjoy the whole music experience as it should be enjoyed.