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Sonos Play:3

from £258 including free Sonos Bridge The Awesome, sexy, amazing, powerful Wireless Hi Fi Player that no home should be without.. what are you waiting for?

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Sonos Play:3 Products

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SONOS PLAY:3 Bundle Black

The smaller sexier tuck in a corner and blow out the roof SONOS PLAY:3 Bundle Black with a Free Sonos Bridge.
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Sonos PLAY:3 Bundle White

The smaller sexier tuck in a corner and blow out the roof Sonos Play 3 Bundle White with a Free Sonos Bridge.
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The New Sonos Play 3 Black. The smaller sexier tuck in a corner and blow out the roof SONOS all-in-one player (PLAY3UK1BLK)
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Sonos PLAY:3 White

The New Sonos Play 3 White. The smaller sexier tuck in a corner and blow out the roof Sonos all-in-one player. (PLAY3UK1)


Play:3 Benefits


The Sonos Hi Fi Sound.

This system has three integrated speakers inside and also three dedicated amplifiers which provide the crystal-clear, high-quality sound which has today given Sonos its brilliant reputation.


Begin with one, and then expand anywhere.

You can add as many Sonos players as you want though your house, office, and building or where ever you decide to place the zone players, all wirelessly. With this system you can simply play different songs in every room or the same song everywhere, which will synchronise perfectly with no lagging or jitters.


Adaptable to any room or space in your home.

You can easily place the Sonos Play 3 in a vertical position or a horizontal position without any change to the quality of the sound as the system will simply modify the speakers output with the sensor inside to balance out and clean up the sound for a perfect output to fill the entire room. Here are the dimensions of the play:3: (H) 5 in, (W) 10.5 in, (D) 6in.


You can never have too much music!

With the amount of services which are included with the Sonos System (on either the Sonos controller or the iPhone, iTouch, iPad and Android app that you can download) such as Spotify link up, Napster, over 10,000 free radio stations, and millions of podcasts at your fingertips. Trust me when I say, you will have a hell of a choice of music to listen to and this is even before you link up your own music library.


Join two Play:3's for Stereo Sound.

When you join two of the Play:3's together (simply by going to the device on your controller / phone and simply selecting ‘Pair Device’) you can then turn them into a full on stereo sound, playing off each other as the right and left channel.

Easy to set-up!

With this amazing little speaker system it is extremely simple to set up. There is no wiring involved, no silly programming. All that you need to do is connect up your Sonos Bridge to your wireless router, or if you don’t have a bridge you can just connect your play:3 directly to your router (it’s just easier to have a bridge, and you can then also add more players, this is why we have the Sonos Play 3 & Free Bridge Bundle). When you have all that done then just one click of a button and all systems are go(d)!


Control it like the boss.

You’re in control here, if it be with the Sonos controller of the iPhone, iPad or Android App. With it all at your fingertips you just need to search for what you want to play, choose where you want it to play, (same room? Different song in each room? Volume different in each rooms?) then play! Download the App today if you already have your system hooked up. There are also talks of the application coming to the blackberry and the kindle soon.


Download the latest Play:3 Datasheet (1,554KB)

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Sonos Play 3 Stereo Setup

Pair 2 Sonos Play 3's up for Paired Stereo


Product Description

At first the S5 exploded onto the market and made a hell of an impression with huge success then came the Sonos Play:3, this little beauty is just perfect for those small and tight spaces, easily slotted into book cases, onto kicked work tops saving you a lot of room but not losing any quality.
When it comes to quality Sonos are up there with the big boys setting new standards. For example each speaker in the play:3 has their own digital amplifier.. yeah really! This in turn giving the device just brilliant control over the music played with amazing crisp and clear treble, mid-range and for a system with no sub a good punch from the base response. Don't forget to take a look at our selection of Sonos Bundles from Play Media World
We now have a a new section to the Website which will cover all the help and information topics relating to Sonos. This will hopefully help with any question you have regarding the system, from playing songs via you iPhone or even just getting the system setup from the first to the last step.