How to Play music from iPhone with Sonos


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What you will need

  • an iPhone (if using an iPad see the how to play music from iPad guide)
  • Your Sonos system setup, including a sonos bridge
  • a wireless router (your Internet)
  • The Sonos iPhone app (from the app store)

Sonos Play 5 Phono Port

  • 1. Download the Sonos Application

With your iPhone navigate to the App Store and do search on 'Sonos Controller' and download.
  • 2. Run the Sonos Application

When you have downloaded the application go back to your home screen on your iPhone and tap on the Sonos icon. When this loads up you will be prompted to join up with your sonos component. If you have a Bridge you will be prompted to click the join button, this will also happen if you have a Sonos Dock.
If you have more than one component you will be prompted to press the mute and volume up buttons on the components and release as soon as they start blinking.
  • 3. Connected

After doing step 2 the mute and status lights should flash green and white while the iPhone is connecting to your sonos system.
And your done.
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